MUD Wood Classic


From a simple board, we dreamed creating a two-wheeled
vehicle that would become an object of desire.


More than a brand


A lifestyle


Like when things were made to last.

The Cocoon Line

More pratical, more space, the same MUD design.

The Story

MUD is the story of a man who had nothing to do on a sunday afternoon. He bought a simple wood board and made a bike with it, just a regular sunday right? Everyone thought that he finaly had lost his mind but after a couple of years here we are standing with a lifetime project.

Why are we so unique?


Because we do what we love the most.

We are perfectionists and craft every single item by hand using the best materials. Most of our items are designed and developed based on the use of left over materials from other creations in order to minimize waste, thus contributing to a greener planet. We simply refuse to cut corners and design each creation with no compromise. No place for procrastination either.


The things we do



Go everywhere


It fits your bike


Unique design


It suits your living room